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#silentsunday Creeping through wavy grass


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Save the Children Christmas jumper Day

Wear a wooly and save lives.

Today, 16th December is Save the Children Christmas jumper day where millions of people, young and old are donning their festive woolies and donating money to the charity.

Why not share your picture on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag tag #christmasjumperday and don’t forget to make your ¬£2 donation.

As it is Friday and the weekend why not order a Papa John pizza to eat with friends and family whilst wearing your woolies. 

As the flagship partner for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, Papa Johns are dough-nating 50p for every XXL pizza ordered throughout December 

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Mumofthreeboys has moved!

Follow me,

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To a new place

Come with me

Over there!

I have eventually gone and taken the plunge and moved, yes I have done the dreaded and gone self hosted. I am really not sure what I am doing but I will get there in the end lol

You will find the new blog on

If you have enjoyed reading the blog and would like to carry on following me I would love it if you could click on the above link to new address and hit follow me!

Thank you for reading all of my posts ūüôā


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Pencil mad! 83/365

Oliver is now 20 months old and a favourite activity of his is drawing, the boy loves it that much he draws on anything including, my kitchen cupboards, floor and walls!

He tags everywhere he goes! recently we had been to Nannys for a visit and after we left I for a text from Nan telling me she loved the picture that Oliver had left her on her computer, no he didn’t use a drawing programme on the computer he actually found a pen and drew all over the screen with it, leaving Nanny to find his masterpiece!

I try my best to keep all pens, felts and paints away from him, locked away high up in a cupboard where only the older ones can reach.

If one of Oliver’s brothers are doing there homework then he asks for ‘Paper’ and ‘Pencil’ so he can join in with some drawing.

Today the boys coloured in some Easter Cards and of coarse Oliver joined in with the activity


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Ms Wrights Boys!

Having a family of three boys isn’t easy, I have had many sleep deprived nights, lay-ins have become prehistoric, I don’t get a seconds peace to myself anymore even when¬†sitting on the royal throne the door gets opened by one of the boys asking me to make them a drink or trying to make conversation with me about something they did that day in school.

From the moment I wake up to last second I got to sleep my whole time is taken up by my boys or work, I manage to blog from my phone whilst cooking dinner or on the laptop when Cbeebies is being my childminder.

I no longer have the perfect glossy salon styled hairstyle, in fact it’s completely the opposite I can’t remember the last time I visited a salon and even when I do venture out to the hairdressers I have three boys in tow with me tearing down the salon and trying their best to get my attention.

I used to dress smartly, always wearing a nice pair of shoes, now those shoes are safely tucked away at the back of my wardrobe awaiting to see some daylight. I have unread books on my bookshelf where I have bought them in mind of reading them that day, instead time took over and now they are gathering dust.

Time is something that I don’t have much of but what I do have are lots of cuddles on tap, enough kisses to last me a life time, always someone to talk to, lots of company and a future!

Before my boys I didn’t have¬†much to look forward to, now I have the first date, first tooth, first word, the first haircut, first step, the first day at school, outstanding parents evenings,¬†university, weddings and many more, they have given me future, they give me laughs and plenty of love.

My boys do have their moments, they argue and fight like any other children but they are friends straight after, no one is ever left out as they get on so well together, my heart melts when I see them snuggling up on the sofa together, enjoying each others company. My boys are respectful, polite and friendly, they make me feel very proud to be their mum. I am blessed to have them all in my life , I was a nobody before they were born and now I am a mum!

20130325-203121.jpgEvery second of their lives is a magic moment for me!


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Recycle your glass and get crafting!

Why not recycle some of your glass bottles and make your own candle holder or vase!

I made my own candle holder from an empty glass appletizer bottle, the bottle is a lovely shape for holding a candle or even a single flower as it is quite narrow and tall,

I bought some glass paints from hobbycraft and thought of a design to put on it, if you buy a package it will come with a sheet of paper with design ideas already on it

  • First I used some relief paint to draw the outline, you have to be careful as it can come out quite quickly. You don’t want it the lines to be too thick and if you are going to paint inside the shape then you need to leave enough room to colour it in
  • Once the outlines were dry, I chose the paints I wanted to use and started to colour it in, the paints are very oily so be sure not to drop it on to anything valuable.
  • On some of the leaves I sprinkled on some glitter while the paint was still wet, just to give it a sparkling look

Glass painting really is easy and its fun to do

What do you think of my first attempt at glass painting?

20130324-091611.jpg 20130324-091553.jpg 20130324-091539.jpg 20130324-091528.jpg 20130324-091627.jpg

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The Big Egg Hunt 81/365

The eggs have arrived in London!

There are 101 eggs, all individually decorated hidden around Covent Garden.

Sponsored by Lindt, All money raised from the Big Egg Hunt will go directly to Action for Children, which works directly with more than 250,000 children, young people, parents and carers each year and run more than 600 services across the UK.

Today Jak had an audition at the Colliseum theatre in London which is just round the corner from Covent Garden so once he had finished we popped round to join in some pre Easter fun by hunting down some chocolate in the Gold Bunny garden and searching for some of the two and-a-half-foot high fibreglass eggs which have been designed by leading artists and designers featuring Moshi monsters, A Squash and a Squeeze, Dora, Sponge Bob and Humpty Dumpty.

As it was snowing today and very cold in the City we decided to go back another day maybe during the holidays as they are there until the 7th April, hopefully we get some better weather so we can hunt down all 101 eggs.


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Fun with photography 80/365

I had a bit of fun with a picture of Joseph today with InstaCollage inspired by TheCrumbymummy fun photo fun-backgrounds blog post.
I chose to use the same photo four times, the top left is an invert effect, top right is BW, bottom right is emboss and the bottom left is Colour.


I love playing about with photos on my phone apps

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