10+Weaning plum cookery school

Oliver is now 10 months old and has two bottom teeth, they maybe small but stick your finger in his mouth and you will quickly realise how sharp they are! So i think it’s time now to introduce him to chunkier bigger textures in his food.

I have always given him finger food as snacks and I like him to experience a different variety of foods. Raisins are great for his fine motor skills and really help with his pincer grip as they are small enough to grab with his little fingers and keeps him busy for quite a while as he concentrates on trying to pick them up, obviously he has already mastered the hand to mouth coordination already as all types of food and sometimes small toys enter his mouth.

Snacks I give to Oliver are: Raisins, Bread Sticks, Asparagus, Sugar Snaps, Rich Tea Biscuits, Skinless slices of apples, Peeled Pear, Blueberries, Strawberries, brocoli, Carrot, Rice Cakes ( they do get everywhere though as they become all gloopy and sticky when wet, so be prepared to be picking it up out of your baby’s hair and off of the clothes for some while), Toast, Chunks of cucumber are great for when the baby is teething especially if they are nice and cold, Slices of bell peppers and cooked vegetables like parsnip and potatoes.

I encourage family meal times in my house, I like us all to be together around the table so we can talk about our day and what we have been up to ie: at school or work, so to have Oliver eat with us is important. Since when i started weaning him when he was 5 months old i have always tried to fit in his mealtime with us and I am very keen on him only eating what we eat, as I already have 2 other children to feed and do not want to spend my time cooking up different meals for everyone’s individual tastes. Getting Oliver to try new foods and flavours is important to me as i feel that if they are introduced to him at an early age hopefully he will not grow up to be a picky eater.


Dinners that Oliver enjoys are: Spaghetti Bolognese, Lamb Tagine, Chicken Korma, Fish and Sweet Potato, Mushroom risotto, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Vegetable Casserole and Sunday Dinner. These are all homemade meals that i just cut up into tiny pieces, at first i was pureeing them up but now he needs them to be chunkier so he can learn to bite and chew.

Foods that should be introduced now into his feeding routine are Red meats, Fish, Vegetables and dried fruit. They need the protein to build their body tissue such as hair and nails and vegetables and fruit are needed for protecting them from infections to help their bowels be regular.

I have yet to allow Oliver to feed himself from a bowl, I have given him sandwiches cut up into small square pieces on a bowl but he just likes to tip it up and then squash the food into one big piece of food, he finds this funny much to the disapproving look on my face and as much as i say No he just giggles at me and does it even more, Its all a game to him. Oliver is curious about all types of food and when he sees a plate he wants to grab at it so he can eat the food so i feel that its time for him to take charge of his feeding. I am all prepared for his first baby fed food for tonight’s dinner. I have the highchair, the plastic mat to place under the chair (very important part of baby led weaning, to protect your carpet/floor and so much easier to wipe clean), a bowl with plastic suction so hopefully he will not just grab at it and tip it up, Bibs with arms to protect him and to protect me from the odd bit of food that may well be thrown my way i am going to wear my kitchen apron. Maybe a shower cap might be a good idea too especially to keep his lovely hair clean lol! I shall have a bath all ready to place him in after he has eaten as i know it is going to get messy.

tonight’s dinner is spaghetti Bolognese a favourite of his, so wish me and my house luck that his food attempt at feeding himself goes down well!

Plum Baby have come up with a fabulous way of helping us parents with weaning and that’s opening their doors to a new plum cookery school in Buckinghamshire this month June see more details here they have come to the rescue in the hope to teach us how to make yummy healthy home made food for our precious little ones. I for one would love to learn more about what sort of food goes together, blending sweet with savoury and learning more recipes to feed to Oliver.

Here’s what Plum Say:
“To take the worry out of weaning, Plum is launching the first ever Plum Cookery School. The new cookery school opens its doors in June to offer mums exciting recipe development classes and informal chats with child food experts. Meanwhile, their babies will get to taste-test a range of new recipes designed especially to give little ones the best possible introduction to the wonderful world of food. The selected cookery school attendees will also be the stars of Plum’s all new weaning videos, a guide to help parents across the country with their weaning worries.

Celebrity chef, Rachel Allen is working with Plum as part of the Cookery School. She’ll be on hand to give her recipe suggestions, answer any cooking-related questions and tell her own anecdotes about weaning her little ones. Together with Rachel, parents will even get the chance to work together to help to create the next range of Plum recipes. Hosting the Plum Cookery School will be child food expert, Beverley Glock, the author of successful book 500 Baby and Toddler Foods. Beverley has 11 years’ experience of cooking with mums and babies.”

Thank you for reading my post 🙂

I am entering this post into Tots100 competition run along with Plum Baby for a place on their Plum Cookery School.

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I'm a mum of three boys, Jak who is 16 years old, Joseph who is 11 and the youngest Oliver who is 7 years old. I work as a CA at a primary school and love my job. My boys are child models and belong to a modelling agency. I studied at college and university in Fashion and recently passed my level 3 in Childcare. My partner is a keen cyclist and won a national title in amateur boxing in 2007, as a family we love caravan holidays and being outdoors.
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6 Responses to 10+Weaning plum cookery school

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    I hate weaning but I did get some confort than I knew how many veggies he had in a day

    • It is hard work but I’m so glad that he eats what we eat and he is so happy to taste new things and he never spits out any food that’s unless he’s full up and had enough x

  2. Weaning is hard work, but it’s amazing how much they will eat and try. x

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