Swimming for the baby, Freds SWIMTRAINER CLASSIC Red Review

Swimming is a fun activity for the whole family but it can also play a huge part of a baby’s development. Being in the water gives the baby independence, they can learn balance and awareness, it gives them confidence and can help them with their social skills. Having fun in the water whilst swimming can help children develop a positive relationship with the water and can give them a sense of achievement.

As a family we have always been keen on swimming, the boys love to splash about all day long and enjoy the freedom they get when in the water, Daddy is a good swimmer too and has taught the two eldest to swim and both of them were confident swimmers by the time they were 4 years old. I am not too keen on swimming, i’m not very confident in the water but do still enjoy the sense freedom and like to play with the boys in the pool so i don’t want the boys to be like me I want them to have confidence and to be able to swim themselves to safety if they ever get into trouble in the water. Every year come May time we always get our pool, Daddy sets it up with the pump and heater, chlorinates it and cleans the filters, he puts a lot of work into the pool so that the boys can enjoy their swimming at any time of the day. This year is the first year that Oliver has been able to enjoy the pool too, he loves to splash his big brothers and likes to move about in the water. He has a baby ring that he sits in but he doesn’t like to feel restricted and is always trying to get out of it, he gets his little legs out of the seat within seconds so he isn’t very safe in it and as our pool is 4ft deep swimming with him isn’t very comfortable I am always worrying about him falling out.

The Swimtrainer Classic Red can be used with the baby from as early as 3 months old, it is designed to put the baby into the correct swimming position in the water by allowing the baby to lay forward instead of sitting upwards. The swimtrainer gives children the necessary sense of achievement and security in the water during every stage of their development. This forms the basis for being successful at learning how to swim. The specially designed swimtrainer aids are introduced according to the child’s age and learning ability (red, orange, yellow). The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is used with babies to support their early development, it has inflatable straps and pads to prevent baby from slipping through and adjustable safety belt which also prevents the baby from tipping forward.

Classic Swim Trainer (Red)

We was sent a Swimtrainer classic from http://www,thethinkingbaby.com for Oliver to try out, it arrived a couple of days before we left for our holiday which was perfect and I couldn’t wait to see little Oliver in it. It took only a few minutes to blow up and was easy to get him in it, as i said before he doesn’t like to feel restricted and as soon as i put him in it he started to pull at it trying to get out of it. I adjusted the straps to fit him and clipped him in using the inflatable safety belt that is attached to the ring, the clip is extra safe as it has a safety piece of plastic that snaps on top of the clips ensuring that the clips do not come undone during use in the water. Once he stood up and started walking in it he started to become more comfortable and was getting used to having it around him, he could move around easily and the swimtrainer wasn’t stopping him.



We walked to the pool and in he went, straight away he leaned forward and i instantly grabbed out to him to steady him but i didn’t need to as the swimtrainer was supporting him under his belly. He looked very comfortable and was soon laying forward and kicking his little feet. The inflatable belly panel was supporting and hugging him making him feel comfortable, I let go of him and let him go of on his own, he was having lots of fun and was even moving in the water on his own, he had his arms laying forward over the ring and was moving his hands about in the water and generally enjoying himself splashing around. I felt at ease that he was safe and secure in the trainer and i was starting to enjoy being in the water with him, normally after about 5 minutes he is trying to climb out if his support ring to get into the water but with Oliver sitting in his swimtrainer and enjoying himself he just stayed put and carried on kicking his legs feeling completely free he went in any direction he wanted to.

I am very impressed with the swimtrainer classic and would definitely recommend it to other parents. It folds up into a nice and neat flat pile and is lightweight which is ideal for your luggage when packing a suitcase for a holiday. Not only does it give the baby freedom and confidence in the water but it also puts parents at ease knowing that your child will not tip over or slip through the ring. The swimtrainer classic red is suitable for babies of 13-40lbs/6-18kg.

The swimtrainer classic is available in three colours red, yellow and orange depending on age/weight of the child and can be bought here for £19.50.

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unfortunately i have no photographs of Oliver in the water wearing the Swimtrainer as i was not allowed to take photos of him in the pool

I was sent a swimtrainer classic red for the purpose of this review and have not received any payment. All words and thoughts are my own.

update from 6/8/12. Oliver had a swim in the pool today in our garden (the water looks a bit green but it’s just where it’s not been used for a while and the algae has settled on the floor, 15 minutes of swimming around and the chlorine was doing it’s work again)


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I'm a mum of three boys, Jak who is 16 years old, Joseph who is 11 and the youngest Oliver who is 7 years old. I work as a CA at a primary school and love my job. My boys are child models and belong to a modelling agency. I studied at college and university in Fashion and recently passed my level 3 in Childcare. My partner is a keen cyclist and won a national title in amateur boxing in 2007, as a family we love caravan holidays and being outdoors.
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  1. upsydaisybaby says:

    wow this is just what I need, Ethan doesn’t like the baby chairs. Will be going to order one shortly! thanks x

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