My little star / Proud mummy moment

Tonight sees my beautiful little Oliver star in his very first television advert and what and advert it is! It is non other than the Cow & Gate advert. I wrote about his experience in the casting and filming for it here

It will air tonight on ITV2 at 7:30

The Supergroup advert was created because as parents we love to see how our little ones grow into the little people that they are. The new campaign ‘Feed their personalities’ is about nurturing the little ones and feeding their personalities. A group of toddlers including my little Oliver were let loose in a recording studio to investigate instruments and equipment, my little one was in the studio itself as the director touching buttons and climbing on top of the controls. As each child begins to touch and play the instruments, the different sounds all come together to create a rendition of ‘Come On Eileen’ .

The advert is funny, charming and in my opinion utter brilliance.

Cow & Gate have done it again and created an advert that will pull at heart strings and have you bopping along to the little ones musical talent.

Hope you all enjoy watching it and don’t forget to let me know what you think πŸ™‚

That’s my little star

Picture taken from creativity-online website.

Thank you for reading

About mumof3musketeers

I'm a mum of three boys, Jak who is 16 years old, Joseph who is 11 and the youngest Oliver who is 7 years old. I work as a CA at a primary school and love my job. My boys are child models and belong to a modelling agency. I studied at college and university in Fashion and recently passed my level 3 in Childcare. My partner is a keen cyclist and won a national title in amateur boxing in 2007, as a family we love caravan holidays and being outdoors.
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7 Responses to My little star / Proud mummy moment

  1. Aww what a cute little star he is x

  2. Wendy says:

    Just watched the extended version on cow and gate on YouTube, it’s fantastic, funny and a very proud moment for all parents of the kids, especially oliver, well done you! So glad to have found you, love reading your blogs, keep it up!

  3. Sonia says:

    Oh wow tht’s awesome – i will have to keep an eye out for him xx

  4. I can confirm that I have seen it and Oliver is indeed a superstar. His little face when playing with all those buttons is an absolute treat. You should be one proud mum. He’s brilliant!

  5. Michael.guthrie says:

    Father of a 18 year old boy,both with little tears in are eyes,what a great ad,thank you all it was great

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