About Me

Hi all and thank you for visiting my blog site, welcome to Mumofthreeboys.
I am a 33 year old mummy, whose life is devoted to my kids.
I have always been intrigued with the world of blogging but never had the time or confidence to go ahead and set one up. I’m not a great writer and don’t always use the right choice of words but I am friendly, caring and love making new friends.
So after having my three boys, Jak age 10, Joseph ageย 5 and little baby Oliver who is 18 months old, I have decided to do something for me for once, something that I can say is mine, I like to share my advice and knowledge of things that i have previously done with other people so I set this blog up.
I studied for 4 years in Fashion, first at Redbridge college and then went on to DeMontfort University, where I met some great lifelong friends.
I love to bake cakes and try new recipes, of which my family really enjoy eating lol.
I like crafts and making things, I’m always trying something new like:
– Face Painting
– Making Dummy Clips / Key Rings
– Jewellery making
I used to really enjoy drawing but don’t find the time to do it now I have the boys but this year is the year that is going to change for me, this year I WILL find the time.

My Family
Jak loves acting and singing and has attended theatre school since he was 6. He is a very clever little boy and I am very proud of him.
He has done modelling for Closer magazine, Nickelodeon and Tesco, he was also on the Celebrity Comic Relief 3 years ago advertising a toy on the girls team. He is currently on Call The Midwife as an extra and had a small part in Rude Tube Christmas Cracker


Joseph loves gymnastics and Justin Beiber, he was one of the 40 runner ups in the ‘Find the face of Argos Kids Wear’ competition run by Argos last year. He has just done photo shoots for Virgin Money, priddy books, action for children and has appeared on ELC adverts.ย He is just an adorable boy who is always happy and I am very proud of him too.


Oliver is a very happy baby always smiling and giggling. He is the only one of the boys that has slept through the night before a hitting a year old, I am truly blessed with this one.


All three of my boys have been signed up to a children’s modelling agency since October and are doing quite well, they are little extraverts who LOVE the attention, I would never push them into this, they enjoy the attention and love being on stage,well I can’t say that for Oliver as he is so tiny but as i signed the older ones up I thought why not just do all three.
As a family we enjoy caravan holidays, cycling, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing (we go to Mount Snowdon every year), running, reading, visiting London, day trips to the country and the beach.

Feel free to subscribe to Mumofthreeboys and a great big thank you if you do.
Contact Me on angelawright78@hotmail.com

I would also like to say a great big thank you to the lovely lady that blogs over at A boy with Aspergers, as after meeting her at the Face of Argos Kidswear Range Final at Earls Court, where she was a judge and reading her blog it inspired me to get up off my back side and kick start my blog.
X x

13 Responses to About Me

  1. Thank you hun, so pleased I inspired you to blog, hope you enjoy it. Pleased all the boys are doing well. What agency did you sign them too? Sounds like they are doing fantastic. xx

    • Hi Hun,
      I signed them up to Scallwags, they are based at Hoxton. My eldest was with them when he was 2 and then he asked again this year if he could do it again.
      He loves acting, says he wants to be on ‘Eastenders’, bless him.
      X x

  2. Hello Mum of three.

    Your wee boy in the middle at the very top looks like he is in the middle of ‘creating’ something. Did you have reason to check his nappy after the picture was taken?

    Jak looks as if he is quite tall. I sense an element of John Cleese jumping out of his picture there. Joseph reminds me of Brad from Neighbours. Oliver looks like he has just seen an advert for the deluxe Pampers range.

  3. Hi Mum of Three ! I wrote a post about shopping for kids a few weeks ago !
    I suggest Okaidi, Petit Bateau, Cyrillus, DPAM Baby, and Jacadi ! They have really cute stuff !
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Your little one has an amazing smile !

  4. Danielle says:

    Hi. You “friended” me on Love All Blogs, but I can’t for the life of me managed to remember my password. Glad to have the opportunity to have a peak at your blog. Danielle

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  7. Jennifer Dutton says:

    Hi Ang….it’s Jenni, I like your blog its great.!
    Gosh it really is a pleasure to watch our kids grow up. Isn’t it?
    You have made me realize I need to film my kids more, because they change so quickly and its so easy to forget those subtle little moments.
    See you @school.x
    Best wishes to the whole family. xxxxx

  8. Hi, all is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s in fact good, keep up writing.

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